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My Mom
My Mom

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The Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women’s Cancers™ is a 2-day, 60-kilometre or 1-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m ready to do something bold and powerful in an effort to end women’s cancers once and for all.

My commitment is based on love for my fellow sisters, mothers, grandmas, daughters, nieces, and friends everywhere. It’s based on the realization that we each need to do our part in this fight. I can walk. I can raise funds to benefit Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – a leader in the fight against all women's cancers. I can and choose to be a part of this movement to take down women’s cancers!

I ask you to take a stance with me and join this life-saving adventure for all women. Be a part of my very personal journey - by giving, by walking with me, or simply by sharing my story with your circle of influence. Don’t stand back and think about what you could have done – take that first step today! Take a chance with me – we have the opportunity to change thousands of lives, beginning with our own.

I lost my mother to cervical cancer in January 2013, 10 days before my 25th birthday. Thank God for the Oshawa cancer center being so close so she could receive treatment without traveling too far because the condition she was in during the 2 years of her fight debilitated her. It started as a tumor in her cervix, it was stage 3 cancer. After first treatment the tumor had spread and was very large pressing on her kidney causing the top part of the kidney not to drain, blocking fluids from getting out where they needed to go. She had a tube that was surgically placed in the top of her kidney which was connected to a bag i wish in remembered the word for the bag. She wore the bag around everywhere and had kept it hidden inside her pants. With all the weight she had lost there was no hiding the bag really. Her first round of radiation and chemo was ok, she didn’t lose her hair. After a follow up from the treatment they had found that the tumors were spreading through her body, she needed more radiation and chemo and this time she lost her hair, she got very sick and weak. She spent a lot of time sleeping and playing Farmville on Facebook. Near the end she wasn’t even playing Farmville anymore or doing anything at all. She couldn’t sleep laying down because when she did she couldn’t breathe so she sat in a chair to sleep. My younger sister was expecting a baby in January and he was born January 6th, My mom couldn’t make it to the hospital to meet him because she was way too sick, she waited at home for the baby because at this time she was living with my sister. My dad took care of my mom and tended to all her needs the best he could. We all know that she was waiting to meet the baby (baby William) she fought to stay at home and meet him before she would go to the hospital, she knew if she went it was a one way trip and there was no coming home. William arrived home on January 8th, had one night in the house with my mom there, the next day in the morning when they all woke up my mom had sat in her chair where she had slept and stared at baby William for the whole day just looking at him. She couldn’t even hold him. All my mom’s children including me all have children and she was there to meet all her grandchildren but William was the last one and my sister was the last child to have one. My mom held on for that baby and that baby gave my mom some extra days with us. Finally later that night she had to call an ambulance and go to the hospital she was there for about 6 days and she was on so much medication she was seeing things and feeling things and she was just not herself. I've never seen my mother in that state before in my life and none of us could just walk away. January 15th 2013 at 5 in the morning we got the call to come to the hospital. She was unresponsive just lying there hooked up to machines and all sorts of stuff all day we sat with her, my dad, my brother, my sister, and myself were all gathered around her bed side, holding her hand trying to talk to her. By 4:20 that afternoon it was the end and we all were with her while she took her last breath. We had to deal with it and stay strong and we did. I'm keeping strong for my mom, my little sister, my little brother, and my dad. Can't forget my son either. It could have been prevented if she had more knowledge like we younger generation have an opportunity to gain. A simple PAP many years ago and regular ones every year after would have saved her life. I have experienced my own abnormal cells, low grade and high grade but found it early enough to overcome any problems. I'm walking for all women and hope to raise awareness about cervical cancer because I dont think any family should have to lose their backbone to something so horrible and beyond anyone’s control. Please join me in the walk or even make a small donation even if I don’t make my goal, I want to do the walk, I want the crowd to be even bigger and even more noticeable, some people never even heard of this walk and i want the world to know!!! My main purpose is for my mom!!! RIP Christie Luanne Wood, February 13 1958 - January 15 2013!!! Lots of love!!! The less people we lose to something uncontrollable the better. I'm raising money for the princess Margret Hosptial beause It doesn't matter which cancer center I help, I just want to make a difference I'm raising money for the Princess Margret Hosptial beause It doesnt matter which cancer center I help, I just want to make a difference.


This isn’t just my journey – it’s yours, too.
Make it a Weekend you’ll never forget. 





My first Donations
This is my first time ever doing something like this and I was getting a bit discouraged until today I read 2 emails saying I received a donation. I got so excited skipped my shower stayed on the computer made sure I thanked each person personally. I then spread the word about my donations just like I have been spreading the word and it feels so good to be doing this and I got a whole new boost of motivation. I can not wait for September I am so happy I just want to walk!!!! I love my mom and if she was here today I think she would be very surprised to see me doing something like this.....On second thought maybe she wouldn't I don't think I've ever been able to surprise her but it feels great!!! Please keep supporting me!!!! Thank you!!!

by Mary Rice on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 8:34 PM

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