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Jessica Death

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Hello Friends,

Not long ago we discovered that Mom's cancer has returned for the fourth time & this time the prognosis is not as positive as in the past.  BUT she's ready for the fight again (as always, when isn't she?!?!) & I felt the need to do whatever was in my power to contribute to that fight.  So here we go...I've enlisted a team of amazing women, some of us walking & some of us volunteering,  all up to the challenge.  It's  a 2-day, 60-kilometre walk & individual fund raising goal of $2000.  It was a daunting challenge but one worth every effort.  The four of us whom are participating in the walk, have finally reached our personal goals, however, our desire to contribute to this great cause has not lapsed, therefore, if you would  still like to  donate, your charity would be hugely appreciated.

My Mom is more than my mother, she's truly my best friend & the champion of my heart.  She's by far the bravest woman I have ever met, having fought & overcome so many challenges in her life.  We could all learn from her heroic inner strength.  For some, you are unfamiliar with Mom's history of adversities so let me share with you...she was born with a hole in her heart, had open heart surgery when she was just 2 years old, has battled congenital heart disease her entire life, has had breast cancer four times (undergone numerous surgeries tied to this terrible disease & endured chemo & radiation each time continuing her battle), had pace maker surgery twice & was burned in a propane accident just a few short years ago.  She's had a rough go of it, no doubt, & yet still remains strong & unrelenting which makes me not only so very proud to be her daughter but so in awe of her & privileged to know & learn from such an amazing being.

Thank you for your show of love, generosity & allowance for us all to walk as a team on September 6th & 7th.  We will walk together with Mom in our hearts & every other woman battling this terrible disease.  To those of you whom have already made a donation, on either my site or another of my team members, THANK YOU for your amazing & continuing support!

I know that Mom means so much to so many of you & I personally appreciate your benevolence...

Much Love,

Jessie (Team Captain)

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