The 2012 Alberta Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers

Beta Trial team

Dear friends,

The BETA Trial team is made up of participants of our Breast Cancer and Exercise Trial in Alberta as well as their friends and family members. This study is entirely funded by a research grant from the Alberta Cancer Foundation from funds raised at the Weekend to End Women's Cancers walks. We are very grateful for the opportunity to conduct this research study and are interested in helping raise more funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Our research study has enrolled 400 women aged 50-74 years in Edmonton and Calgary and randomly allocated them to do either 150 or 300 minutes per week of aerobic exercise of which three sessions per week are supervised and two are unsupervised. Our participants are an amazing group of very dedicated individuals who are motivated and keen to exercise and help us understand what the optimal level of exercise is for breast cancer prevention. We are examining several breast cancer biomarkers in this study and will be able to determine what the optimal dose of activity to reduce breast cancer risk.

Our first participant was enrolled in August, 2010 and our last one was enrolled in April 2012. Each woman is on the study for one year and then will be followed up one year later to determine if she is still exercising and what lingering benefits exist from the exercise intervention.

We hope that you will consider supporting our team members who have each pledged to raise either $2000 for the two day walk or $1250 for the one day walk. Help us make a difference towards a cancer free future.

Christine Friedenreich

Margot Graham

BETA Trial Team Co-Captains

Beta Trial team Raised
Christine Friedenreich $5,428.56
Margot Graham $3,588.56
Mary Besler $2,567.56
Alexandra Dubrovna $58.56
Nancy Fishman $1,570.56
Karla Kroeker $2,275.00
Mehret Negusse $2,261.00
Marlene Nelson $3,153.64
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BETA Trial Study Participants on Group Hike, Edworthy Park, July 2011
BETA Trial Study Participants on Group Hike, Edworthy Park, July 2011


Beta Trial team


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