Pharmaprix(MD) Weekend to End Women's Cancers in Montreal

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Pharmaprix(MD) Weekend to End Women's Cancers™ is a 2-day, 60-kilometre or 1-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Montreal. It’s going to be a challenge, but we’re ready to do something bold and powerful in effort to end women’s cancers once and for all.

Our commitment is based on our love for our fellow sisters, mothers, grandmas, daughters, nieces, and friends everywhere. It’s based on the realization that we each need to do our part in this fight.

2014 is our Tenth Anniversary of The Weekend! This year is the culmination of a decades worth of efforts by the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital, doctors, researchers, and thousands of women across Montreal, who have been working toward a future free from the fear of women's cancers.  If you've ever considering supporting us, now is the time.

We ask you to take a stance with us and join this life-saving adventure for all women. Be a part of our very personal journey - by giving, by walking with us, or simply by sharing our story with your circle of influence. Don’t stand back and think about what you could have done – take that first step today! Take a chance with us – we’re going to change thousands of lives, beginning with our own.


This is OUR journey. Make it a Weekend we’ll never forget. 


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Personal Gift Elisa Chiassolini $130.00
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Linda Cloutier $100.00
Maryse Cloutier $200.00
Caroline Cohen $300.00
Personal Gift Jose Cortes $50.00
Evelyne Cuggia $0.00
Personal Gift Fabienne Cyrius $1,300.00
Personal Gift Geneviève Côté $120.00
Maria D'Alessandro $4,817.00
Sophie Dejbrouni $0.00
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Maria Dominquez Sanchez $0.00
Personal Gift Elaine Dubrovsky $2,353.00
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Personal Gift Isabelle Dupont $1,440.00
Rhona Elias $1,816.00
Betty Elkaim $0.00
Personal Gift Tiffany England $2,000.00
Personal Gift Marie Sandy Etiennette $50.00
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Alexis Gaiptman $1,914.00
Personal Gift Florence Gardere $415.00
Karla Michelle Gomez $830.00
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Beverley Gouveia $0.00
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Personal Gift Hillel Greenbaum $1,250.00
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Ani Haser $200.00
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Marmi Horowitz-Block $0.00
Paula Huntley $2,529.40
Marjolaine Hétu $160.00
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Davina Josepovici $50.00
Wendy Kazimerczak $0.00
Personal Gift Katie Kelly $1,368.00
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Lynn Kofman $1,035.00
Hélène L'Espérance $0.00
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Personal Gift Sylvie Lamoureux $75.00
Personal Gift Marie-Helene Laramee $2,000.00
Judith Larouche $1,330.00
Glenda Lasaten $0.00
Lucie Leblanc $20.00
Isabelle Ledoux $220.00
Patrice Lefebvre $0.00
Marlena Legault $40.00
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Michele Levesque $240.00
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Valerie Nadeau $130.00
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Angie Nevard $2,432.00
Erin O'Brien $0.00
Personal Gift Siobhan O'Brien $2,000.00
Angela Palumbo $0.00
Pina Panunto $1,335.00
Personal Gift Josie Parretta $2,000.00
Personal Gift Anna Parretta Scarino $3,050.00
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Personal Gift Anabelle Perreault $1,262.00
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Personal Gift Francine Poulin $1,300.00
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Johanne Rousseau $2,270.00
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Personal Gift Cinzia Russo $2,000.00
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Enya Scaletari $0.00
Larry Sidel $4,300.00
Personal Gift Ethel Smith $1,250.00
Cally St-Onge Lynch $0.00
Roselee Sztern $0.00
Personal Gift Cédric Tavan $150.00
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Mireya Tovar $100.00
Personal Gift Yanoushka Turgeon $175.00
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Linda Voyer $0.00
Peggy Watson Willis $2,000.00
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