Pharmaprix(MD) Weekend to End Women's Cancers in Montreal



Donate to our journey and make this Weekend matter! 

Pharmaprix(MD) Weekend to End Women's Cancers™ is a 2-day, 60-kilometre or 1-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Montreal. It’s going to be a challenge, but we’re ready to do something bold and powerful in effort to end women’s cancers once and for all.

Our commitment is based on our love for our fellow sisters, mothers, grandmas, daughters, nieces, and friends everywhere. It’s based on the realization that we each need to do our part in this fight.

2014 is our Tenth Anniversary of The Weekend! This year is the culmination of a decades worth of efforts by the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital, doctors, researchers, and thousands of women across Montreal, who have been working toward a future free from the fear of women's cancers.  If you've ever considering supporting us, now is the time.

We ask you to take a stance with us and join this life-saving adventure for all women. Be a part of our very personal journey - by giving, by walking with us, or simply by sharing our story with your circle of influence. Don’t stand back and think about what you could have done – take that first step today! Take a chance with us – we’re going to change thousands of lives, beginning with our own.


This is OUR journey. Make it a Weekend we’ll never forget. 


Personal Gift Patrick Lachance
Marina Abdelmalak
Maha Abou El Rous
Cynthia Akoury
Julie Allatt
Andreia Amaro
Personal Gift Angelica Ambrosini
Personal Gift Marie-Chantale Angers
Sandy Araujo
Nancy Arnold
Personal Gift Lelia 604 Arpin
Julie Arsenault
Sonia Arsenault
May Artin
Cindy Aviles
Alain Ayotte
Personal Gift Shaheen Bajgiran
Lyne Barbeau
Jessyca Barré Lapointe
Christophe Beaudet
Richard Beaudoin
Personal Gift Jerome Beaulieu
Chantal Bedwani
Devika Beharry
Mark Behr
Laurier Belanger
Personal Gift Mahee Bellefleur
Pierre Belleville
Pamela Bergeron Bienvenue
Emilie Bergeron
Jade Bergeron
Sylvie Bilodeau
Stéphanie Blais
Caroline Blouin
Josée Blouin
Personal Gift Francine Bouchard
Julie Bouchard
Éric Bouchard
Personal Gift Sandra Boucher
Helene Boudreau
David Bouhier
Farid Boumertit
Personal Gift Brigitte Bourbeau
Personal Gift Josee Boutet
Tricya Brault
Wendy Brookes
Personal Gift Kyla Brule
Sandra Bryant
Sorina Bucur
Kaitlyn Bullock
Mihaela Burescu
Alain Bégin
Joe Cacciatore
Amanda Cameron
Personal Gift Angela Cammilleri
Personal Gift Julie Campagna
Personal Gift Nicolas Caprio
Rosette-Rachel Carandang
Wassila Chahitelma
Melissa Chamberland
Elodie Chapdelaine
Lucy Charalambous
Christian Charette
Eric Chasse
Sylvie Chateauneuf
Personal Gift André Chaussé
Jolie Chin
Jeffrey Chivinski
Bogdan Cirap
Fernanda Civitella
Ana Coelho
Personal Gift Mary Colaciello
Kristina Collins Rousse
Audrey Anne Cote
Personal Gift Angelique Croteau
Manon Daigneault
Olivier Daigneault
Wendy Dayana
Elsa De Chevigny
Maria Angela De La Paz
Louise De Serres
Personal Gift Ken Del Bigio
Aline Demirciyan
Julia Deragon
Chantal Derouin
Jean Michel Deschenes
Nicole Deschenes
Sylvie Deschenes
Nadia Desjardins
Personal Gift Nathalie Deslauriers
Gordon Devlin
Anna Di Pastena
Personal Gift Marco Di Rienzo
Tony Di Sciullo
Caroline Do
Sindy Doiron
Onika Dopwell
Personal Gift Julie Doucet
Carla Douzajian
Isabelle Dubois
Isabelle Ducas
Lisa Ducharme
Personal Gift Josee Dugas
Personal Gift Natacha Dugas
Josee Dumouchel
Marie Andree Dupont
Chantal Dupuis
Pascal Dégarie
Marie-Jo Edmond
Tarek El Gharib
Mahmoud El-Achkar
Leandre Elate
Maroun Elkhoury
Hoda Elkilany
Farida Elsebai
Alicia Fabio
Mylene Fafard
Anick Falardeau
Engle Fernandez
Silvana Ferrante
Personal Gift Louise Ferron
Personal Gift Paul Fitka
Olivier Fleurant
Donald Fleurent
David Forget
Personal Gift Nathalie Forget
Sylvie Forget
Dominyque Frégeau
Monica Gabriel
Isabelle Garceau
Louis-Philippe Garceau
Marie Helene Gendron
Simon Gentile
Personal Gift Natalie Gibson
David Girard
Patricia Girard
Stephanie Gosselin
Personal Gift Catherine Goulet
Nicole Goulet
Personal Gift Francine Goyer
Personal Gift Kim Goyer
Gary Griffin
Helder Grilo
Tania Guerin
Liliam Guilarce
Carole Guilbault
Jean-Michel Guillutte
Robyn Guindon
Troy Guindon
Lynn Guthrie
Mychele Halle
Kayla Harding
Mario Horth
Mathieu Hudon
Annie Huynh
Sandra Héneault
Marie-Pierre Héon
Hadia Ismail
Julie Jean
Chrislene Jean-Baptiste
Mohamed Jetha
Guy Joanisse
Personal Gift Steve Jones
Morine Joseph
Stephanie Kamjian
Panagiota Kerasias
Laurie Keuninckx
Stella Kim Earb
Kavita Kumar
Jonathan Labare
Robert Labossiere
Mylene Laflamme
Marie-Pier Lafontaine
Anik Lalande
Francois Lalande
Genevieve Laliberte
Melanie Laliberte
Personal Gift THUY-MAI LAM
Sophie Lamontagne
Patrice Lanctôt
Stephanie Langevin
Marie-Sylvie Langlois
Lyson Larouche
Carole Latendresse
Amélie Latour
André Lauzon
Personal Gift Sonia Lauzon
Marie-Christine Laviolette
Marjorie Lavoie
Alexandra Lavoie-Hupé
Chloé Le Bourdais
Marie-Michelle Le François
Personal Gift Thien-An Le
Genevieve Lebel
Stephanie Leblanc
Personal Gift Annie Leclerc
Natasha Leduc
Personal Gift Andre Lefebvre
Natalie Legault
Marie Legrand
Joel Lemelin
Jolyane Leonard
Cristina Lessio
Personal Gift Mathieu Letendre
Personal Gift Janik Letourneau
Isabelle Levesque
Personal Gift Marie-Claude Levesque
Piero Liberatore
Astrid Lopez
Staci Lothian
Personal Gift Cyrille Lugassy
Marie-Eve Lépine
Manon Mackay
Catalin Macovei
Eric Marchand
Personal Gift Caroline Marchesseault
Jessica Masecchia
Ariane Masse
Amanda McIntyre
Akilah Mckenna
Natacha Mdawar
Issam Merrouni
Emily Miller
Personal Gift Tamar Rita Minassian
Personal Gift Diana Mirita
Personal Gift Marie-Julie Miron
Personal Gift Sophie-Audrey Miron
Helen Monanteras
Lise Mondor
Léane Monette
Julie Moreau-Lemire
Jennifer Mouisak
Carole Naoum
Lisa Nashman
nada nasreddine
Catherine Neron
Personal Gift Duyen Nguyen
Personal Gift Craig Nisbet
Sebastien Oriac
Bonica Orng
Personal Gift Patrick Ouellet
Marie-Hélène Paquin
Charlie Pate
Lise Peloquin
Fannie Perreault
Marie-Pier Perron
Larry Phillips
Cassandra Picard
Domenic Pilla
Mylene Pinard
Eleonora Pineda
Carola Pinto
Marie-Andrée Plouffe
Nathalie Poirier
Noemie Poliquin Cote
Audrey Pratte
Manon Prudhomme
Peggy Racette
Personal Gift Nicolas Raymond
Charles Renaud Gagnon
Personal Gift Andrew Rey-McIntyre
Sophie Robert
Personal Gift Stéphane Robichaud
Benedicte Robin
Rudy Rodriguez
Cecilia Rojas
Francesca Romanelli
Carmen Romero
Kevin Rondou
Daniele Ropil
Denis Rousseau
Personal Gift Karine Rousseau
Personal Gift Marjolaine Rousseau
Carole Roussel
Chantal Roussy
Denis Roy
Personal Gift Denis M Roy
Marilou Roy
Vanessa Sahyouni
Nancy Samson
Pierre Sauve
Naomie Savard
Valerie Savard
Maria Savin
Loïc Scappaticci
Personal Gift Diane Simard
Patrice Simard
Personal Gift Jean-Philippe Simon
Eleni Sirokakis
Christine Smith
Personal Gift Lindsay Smith
Chanelle Soucy
Yan Spratt
Claudine St-Gelais
Personal Gift Alison St-Pierre
Mathieu Ste-Marie
Catherine Tancrez
Johanne Theberge
Valerie Thibault
Magali Tomico
Gilles Tremblay
Personal Gift Kathy Trudel
Personal Gift Stephane Turner
Lisette Vachon
Hansang Valcke
Sylvain Vallée
Karine Valois
Amélie Veilleux
Annie Villemaire
Lucie Villemaire
Stephane Vinetti
Michelle Vitongeol
Nabila Walizarif
Marc-Mathieu Ward
Personal Gift Christa Wasko
Personal Gift Catherine Williams
Personal Gift Patrick Wong
Shannon Wong
Macy Wu
Hue-Linh Wuong
Nhan Wuong
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Svetlana Zajko
Kelly Zanth
Rowena Zapanta
Stacy Ziavras
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