The 2014 Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

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The Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women's Cancers™ is a 2-day, 60-kilometre or 1-day 32-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. It’s going to be a challenge, but we’re ready to do something bold and powerful in an effort to end women’s cancers once and for all.

Our commitment is based on our love for our fellow sisters, mothers, grandmas, daughters, nieces, and friends everywhere. It’s based on the realization that we each need to do our part in this fight. We can walk. We can raise funds to benefit Princess Margaret Cancer Centre– a leader in the fight against all women's cancers. We can and choose to be a part of this movement to take down women’s cancers!

We ask you to take a stance with us and join this life-saving adventure for all women. Be a part of our very personal journey - by giving, by walking with us, or simply by sharing our story with your circle of influence. Don’t stand back and think about what you could have done – take that first step today! Take a chance with us – we’re going to change thousands of lives, beginning with our own.

This is OUR journey. Make it a Weekend we’ll never forget.

Scotiabank Fight Club Raised
Personal Gift Nanci York $6,806.00
Personal Gift Sophia Pugh $2,100.00
Haya Al-Aref $0.00
Mary Alexandre $3,000.00
Flavia Bazzocchi $0.00
Personal Gift Shelley Beaudry $2,502.00
Rachel Bell $785.00
Elena Berezovskaia $0.00
Sharlene Bowes $790.00
Personal Gift Bob Brar $1,252.00
Personal Gift Josephine Chan $912.00
Kate Clements $1,640.00
Personal Gift Georgiana Collington $1,350.00
Personal Gift Pat Convery $1,927.00
Paula Cordeiro $1,910.00
Personal Gift Kelly Cvijanovich $1,250.00
Personal Gift Anna Deak $1,300.00
Lisa DuChene $2,230.00
Wendy Ferreira $1,330.00
Francesca Figueiredo $335.00
Anita Folino $150.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Frook $2,485.00
Arun Grewal $500.00
Jess Grewal $500.00
Rajan Grewal $500.00
Allison Groom $825.00
Karen Groom $2,400.00
Personal Gift Diana Hache $1,427.00
Personal Gift Alicia Hayakawa $100.00
Personal Gift David Hines $1,968.00
Carol Hogg $2,106.00
Personal Gift Wendy Hudson $2,027.00
Personal Gift Tracy Hunter $3,025.00
John Hurley $680.00
Alexandre Hurt $0.00
Steve Hurt $0.00
Christine Jebbison $500.00
Jason Jrana $0.00
Kinga Kaczorowska $2,000.00
Personal Gift Judy Kealey $2,297.00
Personal Gift Kathy Kennedy $2,100.00
Justin Kim $1,250.00
Renay Langdon $0.00
Joan Langielle $0.00
bernadette lindo $3,000.00
Personal Gift Eric Lindsay $1,250.00
Personal Gift Heather Lloyd $100.00
Personal Gift Candice MacDonald $1,677.00
Leslie Macdonald $0.00
Personal Gift Stacey Madge $1,350.00
Narththany Mahapooranom $530.00
Melanie McConnell $0.00
Kim McKenzie $5,150.00
Nikky McKenzie $2,060.00
Barbara Mendelsohn $25.00
Personal Gift LUISA MONTESINOS $1,311.56
Personal Gift Krista Neil $1,300.00
Lori Nemecek $0.00
Sandy Nemecek $0.00
Seairra Nemecek $0.00
Alston Nerehha $0.00
Rosemarie Orian $0.00
Yildiz Ozaydemir $1,390.00
Personal Gift Teresa Pinto $938.00
Personal Gift Louise Preis $2,300.00
Personal Gift Nancy Pryce $1,283.32
Personal Gift Helena Przybycien $100.00
Personal Gift Freida Rhodius $1,250.00
Personal Gift Jocelyn Rodill $1,250.00
Stephanie Ross $1,330.00
Personal Gift Arlene Russell $2,850.00
Personal Gift Alfredo Salayo $1,305.00
Personal Gift carlos sanchez-abarca $1,488.00
Catherine Senior $400.00
Personal Gift Lorraine Smith $2,100.00
Personal Gift Irena Stropnik $3,865.00
Personal Gift Lori Taylor $2,117.00
Caitlin Thivierge $0.00
Mark Tino $900.00
Tina Tountas $1,250.00
Dusica Vukosav $1,255.00
Momcilo Vukosav $0.00
Margaret Walker $0.00
Personal Gift Kim Wells-Brutto $150.00
Personal Gift Wanda Wierzbicki $2,307.00
Personal Gift Victoria Wilkin $1,581.01
Natasha Young $0.00
Susana Yung $0.00
Jessica Zhou $750.00
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