The 2014 Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

American Express

Please Donate to our journey and make this Weekend matter!

Our American Express team is back for the 6th year walking to do what we can to find a cure for this terrible disease.  Our team contineus to grow as more people want to help do what they can to save all women. In 2014 we will  proudly wearing our Amex Blue Box as we walk the streets of Toronto to win this battle.

We all do this year after year for our own personal reasons as many of us have been affected in one way or another by women's cancer but our ultimate goal is to get to home plate as Dr. Tak Mak talked about in the 2013 WEWC Closing Ceremoniies and bring the cure home. 

Please join us either by walking, being a crew member or in spirit by donating what you can to help us reach our goal and fight women's cancer.  Together we can make a difference!!!


American Express Raised
Personal Gift Sue Symington $1,495.05
Wendy Cooper $130.00
Mohammad Anis Akhtar $0.00
Fareeda Ali $0.00
Haroiffa Ali $0.00
Personal Gift Susan Arnburg $1,019.00
Majella Ashok $1,511.22
Wasiekaran Balasandran $30.00
Susan Brown $1,350.00
Personal Gift Nina Casas $1,250.00
Personal Gift Sarah Cassellis $1,902.00
Personal Gift Asha Castelino $2,045.20
Salil Chatrath $100.00
Personal Gift Enza Chiappetta $1,287.00
Personal Gift Toula Christou $1,250.00
Lori Ciani $1,680.00
Mary-Jane Cochrane $1,490.00
Michelle D'Souza $0.00
Andrew Darley $0.00
Sonia DaSilva $350.00
Maruna Dezilwa $0.00
Shweta Dhanker $60.00
Ligia Farnum $0.00
Shobha Gavaskar $100.00
Personal Gift Colleen Gray $2,147.00
Personal Gift Victoria Gray-Wraight $1,517.78
Howard Grosfield $10,881.09
Personal Gift Howard Grosfield $352.00
Personal Gift Sandra Hargrave $1,460.00
Jaqi Hartley $525.00
Jackie Hedges $300.00
Personal Gift Eleanor Henriques $623.52
Personal Gift Sunita Henriques $1,273.78
Maureen Hosein $0.00
Personal Gift Nancy Hui $1,334.00
Personal Gift Sarah Hutchison $1,317.09
Personal Gift Lili Ibarra $922.01
Junior Kabambi $455.00
Personal Gift Doinita Katona $1,250.00
Stephanie Katona $500.00
Personal Gift Kuldeep Kaur $132.00
Personal Gift Christopher Khoury $962.00
Marc Khoury $0.00
Personal Gift Angie Konnaris $1,370.05
Kim Lam $0.00
Personal Gift Helen Leach-Edwards $1,323.76
Ana Lemus $0.00
Lily Leong $0.00
Personal Gift Carmen Li $742.05
Anna Lin $1,250.00
Personal Gift Wing Shi Liu $1,107.00
Andy Lu $0.00
Lucy Lum $0.00
Steve Lyon $0.00
Lisa Maadanian $1,250.04
Rishanthini Mahendrarasa $1,335.50
Personal Gift Barbara McKenzie $1,494.01
Melanie McQuade $1,250.00
Zita Mineiro $0.00
Donna Mousmanis $130.00
Jitender Nagpal $100.00
Personal Gift Maggie Nejim $1,052.00
Lori Ngo $25.00
Maria Notarfonzo $0.00
Personal Gift Laura Patton $2,000.14
Joshni Pereira $1,290.00
Personal Gift Kiki Perentesis $1,037.00
Annette Pinto $0.00
Personal Gift Antonella Porrazzo Keating $1,254.10
Lisa Procter $0.00
Personal Gift Tom Quan $1,892.00
Andy Rambaran $0.00
Christopher Ramos $0.00
Personal Gift Sangeetha Reddy $652.05
Edgar Robalino $0.00
Jody Rodney $1,272.00
Personal Gift Forovzan Sabri $1,301.80
Personal Gift Hina Saklani $1,302.00
Personal Gift Kerri-Ann Santaguida $1,400.00
Mona Satvedi $100.00
Elaine Schober-Reyes $0.00
Sylvia Sharafi $0.00
Kim Siddiqui $0.00
Personal Gift Elisa Simurda $1,977.00
Personal Gift Tegan Singh $10.00
Lakshmi Sivasurier $100.00
Jane Skoblo $0.00
Lynn Sturgeon $1,605.03
Scott Symington $665.00
James Tannahill $0.00
Lucy Tao $0.00
Shefali Tekas $0.00
Personal Gift Bernadette Timla $1,372.09
Personal Gift Persila Vachon $1,198.17
Lindsay Watson $3,055.00
Personal Gift Tara Wiltshire $1,497.00
Personal Gift Ranji Wimalaganthan $1,425.00
Hee Yoke Wong $1,301.55
Donna Wright $1,250.00
Dwayne Wright $33.00
Jimmy Wu $0.00
Personal Gift Rachel Wu $1,250.00
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Our 2013 Team Ready to Start Walking
Our 2013 Team Ready to Start Walking


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